Real Estate Marketing

Marketing of a real estate object, as any other type of product, needs organization and implementation of measures to enhance the attractiveness of the property in the eyes of the target group for which it is intended. To ensure effective real estate advertising in modern conditions is obviously not enough. Standard set of marketing activities doesn't work effective. Moreover marketing begins from the start of creation of real estate object and continues throughout the life cycle of the object. 


Real estate is a special category of product and its main feature in its demand. Demand in this case always exceeds supply,. It may seem that most of the original marketing tools in this case are not required. However, the situation changes radically if you conduct rudimentary segmentation of the real estate market and look at it from the inside. Each sector, whether it is a typical apartment in condo, villa, townhouse or penthouse, has  individual competition. Thus each object may  require different marketing tools.


#1 Marketing offers you a wide selection of innovative tools to promote your real estate business.

The tools that we are offering to use to provide you successful marketing support are: 

  • Google Places, Content Marketing for target location

  • Creation of effective listing

  • Production of video tours and viral real estate videos

  • Website with a presentation of a real estate object

  • Social Media tactics for promotion

  • Email campaigns 

  • Real estate marketing postcards

  • Online and offline advertising

  • International representation: exhibitions and conferences