Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

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This week we have decided to tell you about the most successful positive PR tools that some marketing agencies use in their practice in real estate.

Top 5 most successful marketing techniques have been chosen based on the point of views of market participants.

1st position: SMM - Social Media Marketing

SMM - an efficient tool with which visitors are drawn to the site from social networks, communities, blogs and forums. Note that SMM today is the most promising form of the promotion and establishment of contacts with consumers. Contrary to popular belief, SMM has more in common with the PR networking than with advertising.

2nd position: Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is the common name for different methods of disseminating information, which is characterized by proliferation in the progression close to geometric. The main information distribution channel in this case are recipients themselves. Viral activity can be considered as a process of disseminating information close to biological laws of spreading viruses. That is, any recipient of the information it genuinely interested, imbued with the idea and passes it as quickly as possible to a large number of friends using internet messaging and social networking.

3rd position: Publications in medias

Pretty standard for the PR but still very successful is appearing in medias in the form of interviews, expert opinions, individual comments, news and so on. However, there are cases when a company creates its own media to promote themselves.

4th position: Using celebrities

This tool is as old as the world, primitive and simple, but is still used by hundreds of developers and real estate brokers all over USA, but no less effective. We can name at least 10 different houses in South Florida which, according to brokers, were acquired or were almost acquired by Jennifer Lopez. If you collect all the information it would create a feeling that she lives in a dozen of different apartments and villas. Binding object with the name of a star (even if to say that it was only the interior design idea) immediately leads to big desire to buy it.

5th position: Interactive communication with customers

Interactive communication with tclients - rather is an example of crisis PR. PR is mostly effective not by itself, but when it is based on marketing solutions that meets the requirements of the time. As an example, one of the key conditions in promotion of new buildings is well managed interactive relationship with each buyer.

We will describe these Top 5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas in more details in our upcoming publications.

Thank you for reading our blog!

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