N1 Marketing: Real Estate Investment Demand on Russian Market

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During 2013 demand for luxury properties abroad grew more than twice among Russians (Tranio.Ru).

Almost a third of purchases of properties abroad has an average cost more than $700K.

Only 13.6% of transaction exceeded $700K in 2012, in 2013 it raised up to 29.6% according to Internet research by Tranio.Ru.

According to the Russian Central Bank, overall investment in overseas property for I-III quarters of 2013 reached $1.47 billion., which is 8.7% more than in 2012 and 1.4 times more than in I-III quarter of 2011.

In the US, 64.7% of russian-speaking respondents chose the luxury segment (up to $2 million).

48% of all investors in Russia and CIS can be categorized as professionally trained or experienced investors, those who want to diversify their assets. Typically, these are people who have professional education, play in the stock market have financial literacy. Suited to deal very professionally.

The second group is natural investors. People who have good experience of acquisition of foreign real estate or those who have assets in Russia, but they would like to have assets in more stable markets. That is, the client does not need to earn, but is ready to move his finances out of Russia for example, in USA, to obtain a stable 5% of rent and so on.

The third group consists of people who is interested in legal business immigration to the United States based on their investments.

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