Adina Brunetti: "Attorney Marketing - How to promote legal services"


Our conversation with Adina Brunetti, marketing director of #1 Marketing should be particularly interesting for people who have relevance to the legal business.

- Adina, what does basically legal marketing mean? How it is different from the classical marketing?

- Legal marketing as well as classical aimed at attracting new customers and keeping the flow of current. The only difference is that it takes into account a lot of nuances of legal services, which makes marketing efforts more effective.

- What are the nuances?

- Legal services have a strong specificity. For example, there are no uniform standards for assessing the quality of such services. As a result, is extremely difficult for an ordinary client to determine whether she has a professional in front of her, and the services are rendered properly. As a rule it all turns out in the end, when the service is already provided and there is a particular result of a lawyer or attorney.

- It turns out that the client can only wait?

- The fact of the matter is that most customers do not want to wait for some results, they want to appeal to "branded" professionals that are highly likely to do everything well and on time. In this case, selection is based primarily on the image. It turns out that a little-known lawyer doesn't get any new clients, but is publicly known colleague doesn't know how to cope with the influx of new customers. Although the quality of their services can be exactly the same. Another key specifics of legal services is the problem of conveying information about legal services to a client who does't know all the law terminology.

- You said that the selection is based primarily on the image component. What kind of image needs to be created for a successful law firm or lawyer?

- There is no uniform standard. For example, among our clients there are public notaries, speaking of which, the phrase "perfect image" is not appropriate. At the same time they are successful and in demand. It was more a question of commercial efficiency image, and each business has it's own. After all, attorney is still a person with his or her own professional advantages and disadvantages, with his or her unique charisma.

- And who are your clients in the law field?

- Basically these are ambitious lawyers and owners of large consulting companies. Much less we have small businesses and beginners. As a rule, small business owners in the law field do not even aware of the existence of very affordable marketing tools.

- Tell us please, what kind of marketing tools can be used in legal marketing?

- The choice of instruments is diverse and depends on the tasks and logistical capabilities. We at #1 Marketing develop an individual program of promotion for each client. For someone it all starts with the formation of an external image, for someone with learning the basics of effective communication with media. Everyone has their own way. Speaking indirectly, we provide personal and corporate branding, public relations support, advertising and research. At the same time there are a number of measures resorted to by almost all of our customers. For example, we don't work with clients if they do not have a decent corporate identity and website. Since the whole marketing campaign depends on the corresponding visual components. But we offer our services in creating brands and websites. It is difficult to promote a business aimed at working with large corporate clients if it has some handicraft made web page. It does not matter that it can be an outstanding professional. Still we need to make an good first impression, and the Internet is no exception.

- What are the pluses of legal marketing in addition to attracting customers?

- There are a lot of more advantages. For example, a lawyer with a well-known name, which has a positive reputation, earns up to ten times more than than their faceless colleagues. The same can be said about consulting companies.

- Do you mean that their customers are willing to pay more?

- Experience shows that wealthy clients who need effective legal support, prefer not to save. There is an inextricably link in their minds: what is well-known - is expensive - and has high quality. In addition, legal marketing, which is also based on personal PR, can be an excellent starting point for social and political career. Many ambitious professionals do not want to limit their activities to the practice of law. Legal Marketing, in addition to the already mentioned advantages, provides another important advantage - the choice. There is the fact that in law, as in any other field, there are so-called "problem customers". Legal Marketing solves this problem. A lawyer with the name can choose the most interesting and financially profitable cases. Thus, it can not only bring good money, but also it can ease their professional lives.

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